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Ship's Company in October 1953 (From Jim Brosseau's son Randy)

Brosseau's Photo of Ship's Company (with captions) in October (From Chuck Kiesling)

Hello Shipmates, 

Here is an official Courier Mail photograph from May, 1962 of Collett as she was about to go alongside Australian Carrier Melbourne in Manila Bay. The ship in the background is supposed to be Australian Destroyer Vendetta D08, and hovering  overhead is an American Helicopter. As a sidebar, we all know about Collett's collision with the Ahman, but the Melbourne surpassed Collett's record by far. She Collided with U.S. Destroyer Frank E. Evans on June 3, 1969, and also with Australian destroyer HMAS Voyager D04 on 10 February, 1964. Do you think she (Melbourne) just didn't like those pesky little Destroyers hovering around her?

Regards to all,


Timelines for 1958 -1970 Updated (Compiled by Frank Olderr)
Photo of the USS COLLETT in Manila Bay in 1962 (from Andy Anderson)
1940 Census of John Austin Collett in Hawaii (from Lin Morgan)
Collett Family History (From John Slater)
Photo montage of the 2013 Reunion (From Joe Senn)
Photos from the 2010 Reunion (From Andy Anderson)
Timelines for 1956-1959 Updated (Compiled by Frank Olderr)
  The "Wisdom" of Capt Boyle (A Story from Bob French)
  Photo of Officers of the USS COLLETT in 1966 or 1967 (From Joe Collins)

Video and audio provided by Allen Longhofer of the USS Zelima (AF-49) of an Underway Replenishment with the USS Collett (DD-730) and the USS Canberra (CAG-2) in 1967.  Excellent shot of the USS Collett at the end of the video breaking away from the USS Zelima.

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