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If you were on board the USS COLLETT on August 19, 1965 during Naval Gunfire Support in the Mekong Delta you may be eligible for VA disability because of Agent Orange.  Click on the following link to see if you are eligible:

Agent Orange

From Eddie Cook


POD for 19 February 1968 via Eddie Cook 
USS COLLETT Role in Cuban Missile of October 1962 from Richard Gregory
Link to Los Angeles Times report on USS COLLETT/USS AMMEN Collision.
Link to U.S. Naval Academy Memorial Hall for John Austin Collett.
Photos from the 2022 Reunion.  (High Resolution photos available - email uss_collett@sbcglobal.net)
Photos from 1969 and 1970 (from Noel Emanuel)
Timelines and Shipmates for 1956-1970 Updated (Revised by Frank Olderr to include Deck Log entries)
May 2022 Association Newsletter
Access to Deck Logs of 1956-1970 (via Lloyd Balch & Frank Olderr
Video of 2021 Reunion in San Antonio, Texas
Line drawing of the USS COLLETT (from Peter Schuch)
Photos from 1965 to 1968 (from Gene Hunter)

Video and audio provided by Allen Longhofer of the USS Zelima (AF-49) of an Underway Replenishment with the USS Collett (DD-730) and the USS Canberra (CAG-2) in 1967.  Excellent shot of the USS Collett at the end of the video breaking away from the USS Zelima.
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